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It is possible to port existing business landline numbers to OnRelay. And if you would like to eliminate a business cellphone contract it is also possible to port existing cell number(s) to OnRelay.

Note any ported number remains yours. So if you at a later time should wish to terminate your contract with OnRelay, you can always take the ported number(s) with you to a different provider.

Do not cancel your existing service until the number port has taken effect as per the below steps.

Number Port Process

Porting one or more numbers to OnRelay follows the below steps:

  1. You sign up to an account with OnRelay such that you have the necessary user license(s) and / or mainline license on which to receive the ported number(s).
  2. You fill in the below Number Port - Letter of Authorization Form, and submit it alongside a recent bill copy that proves ownership of your numbers. 
  3. OnRelay submits the port request to its network providers.
  4. You will soon after be notified of the exact time and date the number port will take effect, normally 3-5 days after OnRelay submits the port request on your behalf.
  5. Before the number port takes effect your account with OnRelay will be ready and setup, and you will receive corresponding welcome emails with setup instructions, such that you can register mobile apps and be ready to receive calls before the port takes effect.
  6. At the time the number port takes effect, calls to your number will be routed by the public phone networks to OnRelay, and you can also place calls from your ported number(s) from OnRelay's service.
  7. When you have confirmed the number port has taken effect and you are receiving calls as expected, you can cancel your service with your existing provider.

Required Documentation

To port a number to OnRelay you need to fill in and sign this Number Port - Letter of Authorization form, and submit it to alongside a recent bill copy that proves ownership of the numbers you wish to port.

Please note if you want to port numbers from multiple providers, you will need to fill in a separate form for each provider.

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