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OnRelay Provides a number of configuration options for setting up your mainline.  The following mechanisms, and any combination thereof, are available:

  • Calls answered by auto-attendant interactive voice response (IVR) menu
  • Calls answered by dynamic-member parallel call groups
  • Calls answered by static-member serial, parallel and time-of-day aware call groups
  • Calls answered by human operator on a receptionist Console, who transfers calls onwards

OnRelay support is happy to help you setup your mainline routing options, and please do not hesitate to contact us at if you need help to set it up. We much prefer to make sure this is setup properly the first time around than to risk you are having problem with the service due to incorrect setup.


Note: In order to use call groups, it is strongly recommended all members use OnRelay's unified messaging system also as their cellular voice mail system. Otherwise group calls may all end up in your carrier voice mail box when their smartphones are switched off or out of coverage.  Otherwise care must be taken to leave groups or set the mobile app to Do Not Disturb when out of coverage.


Auto Attendant

If you order a Mainline product option with OnRelay, the system comes preconfigured with a main number and an auto-attendant for your company. This main number has a preconfigured voice menu with routing options to Sales, Customer Services or Operator dynamic-member call groups.

To modify these defaults, login to the web portal as your mainline user (you will receive credentials from OnRelay), and go to the Auto Attendant tab.  Here you can modify the call routing options for auto-attendant options 0 (Operator) as well as 1-9.  Please enter complete 6 digit user IDs for any routing options (Tenant ID + Extension).

If you change your routing options you should also record a new voice prompt.  You can do this by dialling the voice mail system at 544 from your smartphone or soft phone, login with your mainline user ID and PIN, and follow the voice prompts to record a standard message.

Call Groups

If you ordered a mainline, you will note it is possible to subscribe to one or more call groups from the mobile app main screen.  These call groups are called in parallel when someone calls your mainline and selects the corresponding routing options.  I.e. if someone selects '1' for Sales, all members of the Sales call group will receive a call in parallel that says 'Business Call via Sales' on their incoming dial screen.  The first to answer will receive the call.  This mechanism is good for small businesses where there is a high degree of trust in that only staff that are capable of answering a group call subscribes to a group.

The 'Operator' call group has a special meaning in that members of this group receive calls prior to the call being answered by the auto-attendant.

Static Routing of Mainline Calls

It is also possible to configure static routing of your mainline calls with OnRelay, where you can setup a custom combination of parallel and serial routing of mainline calls to your staff or your call groups.

You will need help from OnRelay to configure this, but we will provide you with access to all necessary credentials so you can maintain it yourself.  Please contact for help.

Receptionist Consoles

It is possible to connect one or multiple physical IP phones and / or PC softphones to the mainline, such that a human operator can answer the call and transfer it onwards to your staff.

Polycom IP phones are auto-provisioned and recommended if you want to use a physical IP phone for your receptionist. You will receive credentials and setup instructions for these receptionist connections from OnRelay.  Please contact to get these, and also submit the serial number of any physical IP phone you wish to connect.

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