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How to Contact OnRelay Support

There are several ways to report a problem with the OnRelay software or service:

  1. Send an email to Please include time of the incident, a brief description of the problem and, if call related, the called / calling number.

  2. Open the Office Phone app main menu, and select the 'Report a Problem' menu option. Then select 'New Ticket'. 

    This is the preferred option, as it attaches your device logs and user ID info to an auto-generated email sent to

    The more details you provide about your problem, the more likely we are to resolve it quickly. Include a brief description, when it happened, and, if related to a phone call, the number you dialled or received a call from.

  3. Use the online chat option for OnRelay Support on

  4. You may also dial 415 523 6400 and select 2 for support. But please beware electronic support is preferred. OnRelay is using the same service as you, and if you are having a critical problem we may experience it too. So please always email us, bells and whistles go off everywhere when we receive something urgent to
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